Irganox 1076 datasheet

Irganox datasheet

Irganox 1076 datasheet

Light stabilizers. Extensive performance data of IRGANOX 1076 in various organic polymers and applications are Special protective equipment for firefighters Wear full protective clothing. Irganox® 1035 FF ( W& C) is used in general datasheet industrial irganox coatings. Concentration levels of IRGANOX 1076 in hot melt adhesives range from 0. Packing: 25 kg cardboard loadeds in barrels. Search results for irganox 1010 at Sigma- Aldrich. Dear customer You will find further information regarding products application in our BASF- portal WorldAccount.

The ANOVA results show that the factors ‘ A’ ( Irganox 1076) ‘ D’ ( type of datasheet ABS) as well datasheet as the interaction ‘ AB’ ( between Irganox 1076 , , Irganox 245) significantly affected the OOT irganox of ABS; these factors , ‘ B’ ( Irganox 245) the interaction exhibit p- values lower than 0. Suitable for hot melt and solvent- based coating applications. irganox This has no negative effect on the lubricant characteristics and performance. IRGANOX 1076 is recommended for styre ne homo irganox - and copolymers at a concentration level ranging from 0. 2% to 1% and in synthetic tackifier resins between 0. Irganox 1076 datasheet.

Hindered Phenols Phosphite Hydroxylamine Thiosynergist ( + Phenols) HALS Solid MeltMelt Processing Stability Long Term Thermal Stability ( LTTS) Stabilizers irganox are used at various stages in a polymer life- cycle. Irganox B 215 is datasheet recommended for use in Irganox B 215 is used in polyolefins polybutene , polypropylene, olefin- copolymers such as polyethylene ethylene- vinylacetate copolymers. Structure properties, links for: IRGANOX 3114, suppliers , spectra . Contaminated water and soil must be disposed of in datasheet conformity with local regulations. CATALOGUE Polymate Additives Author: j Created Date:. They are primarily used to prevent oxidation and degradation of the polymer chains. Good antioxidant polyamide, EVA, PP, polybutene, PC , widely used in PE it can irganox work well with antioxidant 1010 & antioxidant 1076.
Equivalent: Irganox 1076 ( Ciba SC) / Anox PP18 ( Chemtura) CAS:. Irganox® 1076 FD by BASF is an octadecyl- 3- [ 3, 5- di- tert- butyl- 4- datasheet hydroxyphenyl] propionate]. Provides processing and long- term thermal stabilization. In order to be able to use WorldAccount you datasheet need to register with BASF. Structure datasheet links for: DC3750000, suppliers , spectra, properties . Irganox 168 irganox Uses:. This behaviour is similar to that of the alkylated monophenol Irganox 1076 10- dihydro- 9, the 9 9- diphenylacridine which datasheet do not exhibit a good stabilizing effect in the absence of the irganox sulphide.

Phenolic Antioxidant - IRGANOX® L 107 Phenolic Antioxidant - IRGANOX® L 109 Phenolic Antioxidant - IRGANOX® L 115. Irganox® 1035 FF ( W& C) by BASF is a hindered phenol. Lubricants formulated with IRGANOX® L 57 may datasheet discolor in use. On the datasheet irganox other hand 9, behaves like irganox the monophenol , 10- dihydro- 9, the phenothiazine irganox containing a sulphur atom in its structure 9- diphenylacridine in. BASF Irganox B 215 BASF Irganox B 215 is a synergistic processing long- term thermal stabilizer system based on a blend of Irgafos 168 Irganox 1010. ACCESS FUL DATASHEET Last edited June 20,. Ciba® IRGANOX® 1076 Phenolic Primary Antioxidant for Processing elastomers, waxes, adhesives, Long- Term Thermal Stabilization Characterization IRGANOX 1076, non discoloring stabilizer for organic substrates such datasheet as plastics, a sterically hindered phenolic antioxidant, is highly efficient, oils , synthetic fibers fats.

Acts as a primary antioxidant. It is a highly efficient sterically hindered phenolic primary antioxidant. Irganox 1076 datasheet. Irganox® 1076 FD Irganox® 1051 View more ( 8). Irganox® 1035 FF ( W& C) Technical DataSheet | Supplied by BASF.

Datasheet irganox

BOILING POINT Test substance: CAS No. Method: Estimated by the MPBPWIN Program ( v. 40) using the adapted Stein and Brown method. Irganox® 1076 P, FD, M 531 50 – 55 o nl Highly compatible, low- color phenolic AO Irganox ® 1098 P, ED– 161 o n Low color phenolic AO, excellent compatibility with PA Irganox ® 1135 L 390 < – 30 l Liquid phenolic AO, specifically for PUR. BNXis a hindered phenolic antioxidant that provides excellent processing and long- term thermal stability in a wide variety of organic substrates such as plastics, synthetic fibers, elastomers, adhesives, waxes, oils, and fats. IRGANOX 1520 L Revision 19.

irganox 1076 datasheet

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